We play for Ceilidh Dancing in South Yorkshire and the Peak District.

What's a Ceilidh?
'Ceilidh' is a word that most of us can't spell and about which few people can agree a definition. Originally it meant a gathering where friends and neighbours met to talk, share stories, play a few tunes and maybe dance a bit. Nowadays it also means a kind of traditional social dance evening. Some people call them 'Barn Dances', 'Country Dances' and 'Knees-Ups'

Where do we play?
The Well-Dressed Band play for Ceilidhs at Weddings, Birthday Parties, PTA's

and other fund-raising events. Some of these are private, some public events. See our Diary for details.

So what goes on at one of our dances?
Imagine a room full of people dancing together in joyful organised chaos to a large band of colourfully dressed people of all ages playing traditional dance music from the British Isles and beyond. Scintillating tunes, solid danceable rhythms and tantalising arrangements fill the air. Smiling faces and happy feet swirl and stamp around the dance floor. A genial MC helps novices and experts alike navigate through each dance. Everyone, of all ages, is joined together having a great time sharing the music, the dancing and general excitement of the evening.

It's a fantastic way to celebrate an event or hold a fund-raising function. No kidding, our dances are usually like this.

More about Ceilidhs
Follow this link to Webfeet - online information about dancing includes more descriptions of ceilidhs.