Upcoming Events

Home Grown Ceilidh

22nd September - 7pm 
Ceilidh for the S6 Food Bank
Bar and raffle - bring food to share


Booking the Band

The band is available for public or private events.  We are based in the Peak District and also play in South Yorkshire.  If you would like us to play for you please use the contact form above giving details.

Join the band

The band is open to anyone who would like to play folk music for dancing.  On alternate weeks we have slow practices where beginners can learn the tunes and we also welcome more experienced musicians.  If you are interested in joining the band please use the contact form.

During Covid lock down we produced virtual recordings of many of our sets:

Hornpipes 7: Johnson's, Kirkgate

Jigs 3: New Rigged Ship, Hunt the Squirrel

Jigs 8: Fiery Clockface, St George's Day

Jigs 17: The Burdett, Lady Compton's Whim

Marches 3: Rally Round the Flag, St Timothy

Polkas 5: Salmon Tails, Jimmy Alan

Polkas 6: Lakeland Polkas

Polkas 12: Australian - Third of January, Old Time Polka

Reels 4: New Road to Alston, Will's Way

Reels 7: Shove the Pig's Foot a little further on the Fire, Sandy Boys

Set Dances 8: Buttered Peas, Curry Polka

Waltzes 6: West Leyden, Peek-a-Boo

Jigs 2: Rakes of Kildare, Seven Stars