Well Dressed Band

We play for ceilidhs and barn dances in S Yorks and the Peak District

Band Members

Who plays what ... list of current band members and their instruments. The band has developed into quite a large community of players.  Beginners may mainly come to practices and slow beginners practices, more experienced players may be regulars at gigs.  At most ceilidhs we field a selection from nine or ten players upwards from those listed to suit the venue.

Dave Ball  -  Caller/Fiddle
Jerry Simon   -    Fiddle
Helen McIlroy   -   Fiddle
Bridget Strong   -    Fiddle
Wendy Anthony   -    Fiddle
Sean Flynn     -    Fiddle/mandolin
Sue Townsend   -   Fiddle/viola
Coralie Hopwood     -    Fiddle
Sue Edwards    -    Fiddle
John Winfield    -    Fiddle
Jane Bloom     -    Fiddle

Michael Wren     -     Concertina
Lizzie Mussell     -     Concertina
Rachel Strong     -    Concertina
Natasha Stone     -    Melodeon
Jan Hardy     -    Accordion
Mark Pettigrew     -     Accordion
Andy Couldwell     -    Accordion
John Barber     -     Melodeon/flute/bass sax
Kath Brown       -      Accordion
Jude Warrender    -     Accordion

Lenny Fairhall      -      Bass/Mandolin
Alan Brown         -       Percussion
Jon Johnson        -       Percussion
Manda Frith         -      Mandolin
Dave Sissons       -      Banjo/fiddle
Sally Huckle       -       Banjo
Jane Firth           -      Guitar
Steve Bond        -       Guitar
Mike Carney       -      Guitar
David Owens      -       Guitar 6 & 12 str
Mark Stock        -        Guitar/Bass
Jonathan Lindley    -      Bass

Peter Abbott      -      Flute
Eddie Greenough     -    Whistle
Fiona Holliman      -    Flute
Barbara MacMahon     -     Flute
Christine Carney    -    Flute
Karen Stock   -    Flute
Linda West     -    Whistle
Carole Goodwin     -    Whistle/flute
Steph Howlett     -     Clarinet/whistle
Berlie Doherty      -    Whistle/Fiddle
Alison Powell     -     clarinet/recorder
Judith Reading    -   Flute
Cathy Tattersfield     -     Flute
Helen Spencer    -    Oboe
Claire Norman    -   Flute

All new members welcome: contact Dave Ball for details

Next Home Grown Ceilidh:
Sunday 1st July
Partner: Esteli Society

Caller Patrick Rose


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